He came in like a hurricane;
threw me off my pedestal,
Blown away by his words and actions;
he left me wondrous and swooned.

As the days go by, the echo of his voice still lingers;
And still hovers in soul the void that he left behind.



World’s preferred ways of treating you should never change your own perception and methods and how you give out love in this planet. It shows their virtues and morals, not yours.

Never treat others on the basis of what someone did to you, or the way you were treated as doing that will transform you from inside.You are not like the rest, you are you.

You give out love the way you feel like. You have your own approach and thought processes, you have your own mind to ponder over things, never get disillusioned or diverted by the ways of this world.

You know what’s right, what’s wrong. And you know how to give out love in a world which truly needs it and ghastly lacks it.

Never lose yourself and your individuality in this process.


Sometimes getting our tea on time, listening to our favourite song while commuting and finally reaching office a lil earlier than the scheduled timing gives a lil boost up,enough to survive the day.

It’s a beautiful day today, good weather, lil humid but it’s fine. Its a relief from the scorching heat once in a while, I guess it rained in here last night.
Woke up to the chirping of birds, whistling winds and the bright charcoaled wet roads.

Well, seems like small thing do give us joy, enough to put a lovely smile on our faces. What more do we want than inner peace.

For now I can say I am out of my despair zone and I am loving every moment of it 🙂


It’s weird.
Something is not right.
Trying shrugging it, but can not.

I don’t know the reason but something is just stuck there, ignorant of budging.
I can’t concentrate. I have become fidgety.

My mind aches.
My stomach churns.
My heart beats faster.

I find myself tossing in bed,get up in the middle of the night and try to figure out what I just saw in my dreams, sleeping back becomes a daunting task, mornings after become heavy.

Am I depressed, am I tensed, I don’t know,I don’t want to know and I certainly don’t want to be in this mess.
I hate this feeling, I want to be relieved of this constant heavyness of my head. I don’t want to think about anything.

Sometimes it feels as I am running away from something which eventually is going to engulf me.I don’t want it to happen.

I have certainly closed every door, every path, every lead which could bring you near to me.I am certainly not going to communicate to you by any means. No matter what I am never letting you aware of my feelings. I just want to go away so far and so long that I don’t even remember your name.

Wish I had a parallel universe I could go and hide in.
Trying to avoid you as much as I can, even stopped snooping around your digital presence.

But you somehow find a way to crawl back in.
Whether in my dreams or the people taking your name around, your favourite ice-cream flavour, the book you were reading, the songs you loved, the picture of bonsai lying on your table, your love for sushi, your late night coffees, your name on the folder I just happened to check, your name popping up on my computer screen. They all remind me of you.And it all starts all over again, my mind tatters and the loop continues.

You left but you left a piece of you in me.


Perhaps you read the signs all wrong when I told you to go away,
Perhaps you should have waited for my next move, before you swayed away.

Everytime I flipped, everything I tossed,
Everytime I sent out wrong signals and paused,
Wish you’d made an effort to know the inside outs of my heart

Perhaps you made the decision very quickly, when I couldn’t convince you to stay,
Whether I was uncertain or you were scared, I don’t really know
And how could we have fought our demons, I don’t know

Trying to sink in the feeling, the feelings of highs & lows,
Trying to relive all the times of togetherness, while fighting all woes,

Wish you could solve all which was jumbled up,
Wish you could read all which I never wrote,
And then you would know,
all I ever wanted was you to stay here forever.


Gasping for breath,when heart become heavy n head a little dizzy,

When it becomes just too much to bear and everything around seems to be contributing in the frenzy.

When calming down the pounding heart does not seem to work and hiding from the people just to avoid divulging what’s going on inside becomes the only urge.

Closing my eyes, all alone in a corner, taking deep breaths trying to calm down the throbbing heart and shivering legs.

Trying to shoo away the chaos and the voices in my head.

Just a minute more and everything will be fine and buried beneath for nobody should know what someone just went through.